We Manufacture New Fronts For Your IKEA Faktum Kitchen Cabinets

-Keep your IKEA cabinets,

Since IKEA terminated the popular kitchen system “Faktum” some years ago, it is possible to order directly from us. Our fronts are made to order and are purpose-made for Faktum, based on IKEA´s original drawings with a perfect fit for your Faktum cabinets and your Faktum hinges. We produce on order and deliver in flat packages to your address in about 3-4 weeks. Everything is pre-drilled and ready out of the box and no local adjustments are needed. Keep your cupboards, sink, worktops, hinges and handles etc. Just replace the fronts!

Purpose-made for Faktum. Based on IKEA´s original drawings for a perfect fit!

Design Faktum W30 in 7 different colours. To see all available colors for yourself, please request free samples below.
Design Faktum W08 in White Supergloss. To see all available colors "live". Please request free samples below.
Design Faktum W30 in Smooth White
Design Faktum W08 in Magnolia White and Cosmic Black Supergloss. To see all available colors, please request free samples below.
Design Faktum W09 in Smooth White.


            To see them all, please request free colour samples below

Free colour samples!

We would be happy to send you one of our free colour kits. Then you are able to decide  for yourself which colour will look best in your kitchen. Just fill out the form below and allow about 3-5 business days for delivery. Please note: Showing the exact colours on a computer screen (or iPad or iPhone etc) is not possible. Colours are shown online as a reference only. We are happy to send you free colour samples and you will be able to see them live in your light and in your kitchen.  For any questions or to contact our Customer Service Center in Stockholm, please send us an email at info@faktum.co.uk

Black Ink (Matte)
Steel Grey (Matte)
Bronze Brown (Matte)
Easy Grey (Matte)
Arctic Grey (Matte)
Basaltic (Will soon be terminated)
Caffe Latte (Matte)
Sand of Sahara (Matte)
Magnolia White (Matte)
White Semigloss
Smooth White (Matte)
Off White (Matte)


Cosmic Black Supergloss
Cream Supergloss
White Supergloss


California Oak (Structure)
Sterling Oak (Structure)
Santana Oak (Structure)
Midnight Blue (Chris Crossed)
Pearl Grey (Structure)
Mainau Birch
Jasmine White (Structure)
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