- Measured by IKEA´s original drawings

Since IKEA discontinued “Faktum” some years ago, it is possible to order directly from us. Our kitchen fronts are measured by IKEA´s original drawings with a perfect fit for your Faktum cabinets and your Faktum hinges. All fronts comes pre-drilled for the hinges and are ready out of the box. We produce on order and deliver in flat packages to your address in about 3-4 weeks. Keep your cupboards, sink, tap, worktops, hinges and handles etc. Just replace the fronts and enjoy a “new” kitchen for less!

A wide range of colours!

Design Faktum W30 in some of our beautiful colours.

About our pricing

We made it easy and simple. All our designs and all our colours are in the same price category. Just choose the combination you prefer. It is only the size of each front and the quantity of fronts that will alter the final price. Not the design nor the finish. All our prices are in GBP and VAT INCLUSIVE.

For the UK market we provide a low £79 fixed shipping fee regardless of whether there are 2, 22 or 222 fronts on your pallet. The low shipping fee will stay the same. However, bespoke items longer than 100 cm and wider than 72 cm might trigger a surcharge for oversized shipping. We will inform you beforehand when we quote you the bespoke items.

About our high quality

Our production is based on IKEAs original drawings and all fronts will fit perfectly to your Faktum hinges and your Faktum cabinets. We use a MDF core in a very high quality. We also use a special production method that makes our fronts water repellant and moist proof. The high density MDF combined with our special production method makes our fronts even good for bathrooms and thereby ideal for an every day life in a kitchen. When you think about it you handle a lot of water, moist and hot steam in a kitchen. Think dishwasher, think oven, kettle or coffee machine etc. Our fronts have a 5 year guarantee for damages due to moisture.

Our fronts are delivered pre-drilled for the hinges or for the drawers and ready right out of the box. The holes for the knobs or the handles you drill yourself on site as always.

Special orders/ Bespoke items

In the Configurator you will find all the pre-set sizes for the Faktum System. Just add the ones you need to the cart, head for Checkout and you are done. However, you might want to add some bespoke items to your cart. No problem. Just let us know your preferred items such as kickboards, side panels and deco strips etc and their sizes respectively and we will be happy to calculate a quote. Just drop us a line from the Contact page. We will then send you a link to our bespoke section where you can add them to your cart.


We have 8 different designs on offer and some +30 colours / finishes to choose from. The colours in the High Gloss range are compatible with the flat surfaced W08 design only and all the other colours / finishes are possible for all our designs. Mix and match as you prefer. Please try our Configurator at the next page to play around and see all the possible combinations.

Design: Faktum W08

Design: Faktum W09

Design: Faktum W12

Design: Faktum W16

Design: Faktum W19

Design Faktum W19 in Artctic Grey

Design: Faktum W24

Design Faktum W24 in Easy Grey

Design: Faktum W30

Design Faktum W30 in Smooth White

Free colour samples!

Before you decide which colour to choose for your new, updated kitchen you might want to see our beautiful colours first hand. We are happy to send you a kit of samples for free. Just leave us your shipping address and your samples will be on their way.


Black Ink (Matte)
Steel Grey (Matte)
Arctic Grey (Matte)
Easy Grey (Matte)
Bronze Brown (Matte)
Sand of Sahara (Matte)
Caffe Latte (Matte)
Vanilla (Matte)
Retro Blue (Matte)
Aqua Blue (Matte)
Fjord (Matte)
Magnolia White (Matte)
Off White (Matte)
Smooth White (Matte)
White Semigloss


Cosmic Black Highgloss
Graphite Metallic Highgloss
Grey Highgloss
Kashmir Highgloss
Cream Highgloss
White Highgloss


Black Oak (Texture)
Santana Oak (Texture)
Stirling Oak (Texture)
California Oak (Texture)
Pearl Grey (Texture)
Scandinavian Forest
Beige Nature (Texture)
Birch Nature


Dark Concrete (Texture)
Manhattan Backyard
Manhattan Backyard (Texture)
Rough Concrete (Texture)
Light Concrete (Texture)
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