Faktum Ltd is a UK company within the Moje Group AB based in Stockholm, Sweden that is specialized in upgrades for IKEA kitchens. We manufacture new doors and fronts for your IKEA Faktum cabinets and our production is measured by IKEAs original drawings. With us it's possible to give the kitchen you love a facelift without replacing all the cabinets and plumbing etc. Keep your cabinets, hinges, worktops, sink, tap and plumbing etc. Just replace the fronts!

Since IKEA discontinued their Faktum kitchen system some years ago it’s possible to order directly from us. Our production is purpose made for IKEA Faktum cabinets and measured by IKEA´s original drawings with a perfect fit for your IKEA Faktum cabinets and your IKEA Faktum hinges. All fronts comes pre drilled for your IKEA Faktum hinges and for your IKEA Rationell drawers. We produce on order and deliver in flat packages to you in about 4-5 weeks and all fronts will be ready right out of the box. No local adjustments are needed.

Our markets: This site is for GBP currency and for UK deliveries only. For Euro currency and deliveries to the rest of Europe and across the globe, please visit Faktumonline.com  For the Scandinavian market please visit our main site at Smålandsluckan.se 

IKEA Metod: All our premium doors and colours are also possible for order for the current IKEA Metod kitchen system. Those fronts can be ordered from our European site at https://faktumonline.com/ikea/metod/    

Faktum + Metod = True: Yes, now it’s possible to keep your IKEA Faktum kitchen cabinets and add some new IKEA Metod cabinets, eg to extend your existing kitchen or to build an island. We are able to provide your new fronts for the IKEA Faktum cabinets as well as the IKEA Metod cabinets and all fronts will fit beautifully and give a uniform look in the same design and colour combination throughout. And speaking about cabinets. We also do IKEA Faktum compatible cabinets as well.

Support and queries. For any question regarding your kitchen upgrade project, please reach out to our Customer Service Centre in Stockholm. We are always happy to advice! Link to our Contact Page.

IKEA Faktum vs IKEA Metod:  IKEA launched their Metod kitchen system in mid 2013. The main cabinets and doors in the IKEA Faktum system are typically 70 cm or 92 cm tall and the IKEA Metod base cabinets are typically 80 cm tall. The IKEA Faktum and the IKEA Metod systems are NOT compatible and the Metod range of doors sold by IKEA will not fit your IKEA Faktum cabinets. The doors are not in the same size and the drillings for the hinges are different as well. Furthermore, the positioning of the hinges is different as well. The best way to tell if your cabinets are in the IKEA Faktum or in the IKEA Metod range is to have a look inside one of your cabinets. If there is a single row of pre-drilled holes for the hinges your IKEA cabinets are in the IKEA Faktum range whereas they are in the IKEA Metod range if there are a double row of pre drilled holes for the hinges.

How can I tell if my carcasses from IKEA are in the Metod or in the Faktum range? Please see the drillings for the hinges. Metod (left) = 2 collumns and Faktum (right) = 1 collumn in the front of the cabinet.