We are specialists in upgrades for IKEA kitchens. We manufacture new doors and fronts purpose made for your Faktum cabinets and your Faktum hinges. With us it is possible to give the kitchen you love a facelift for less. Keep your cabinets, hinges, worktops, sink, tap and plumbing etc. Just replace the fronts!

Faktum by EasyFront. We are specialists and one of the largest companies in Scandinavia producing replacement fronts especially for the IKEA Faktum kitchen system. Since IKEA discontinued the Faktum kitchen system some years ago it is possible to order directly from us. Our production is purpose made for Faktum and measured by IKEA´s original drawings with a perfect fit for your Faktum cabinets and your Faktum hinges. Guaranteed. All fronts comes pre drilled for the hinges and for the drawers. We deliver in flat packages to you in about 4-5 weeks and everything comes ready out of the box. No local adjustments needed.

Our markets: IKEA have some 2000 warehouses across the Globe and none of them carry the Faktum system anymore. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and we deliver World Wide. This site is for £/ GBP currency and for UK deliveries. For €/ Euro currency and deliveries to the rest of Europe and within the European Union please visit our Euro site at Faktumonline.com  For the Scandinavian market please visit our main site at Smålandsluckan.se 

Faktum + Metod = True: We are specialists in upgrades for IKEA kitchens. Besides the Faktum range we also do fronts for the current Metod system. We are also able to do mixed kitchens. Perfect if you are about to build an island with Metod cabinets and want the same look of fronts throughout. We can produce Faktum fronts as well as Metod fronts and they will all have the same design and beautiful finish. And speaking about cabinets. We also have a range of Faktum sized cabinets. See them all in the Configurator.

Support and queries. For any question regarding your kitchen upgrade project, please reach out to our Customer Service Centre in Stockholm. We are always happy to advice! Link to our Contact Page.

How can you tell if your IKEA kitchen cabinets are in the Faktum or in the Metod range? If there is a single row of pre drilled holes at the front of your IKEA kitchen cabinets, they are in the Faktum range. And if there are a double row of holes, those IKEA kitchen cabinet are in the Metod range.

How can I tell if my carcasses from IKEA are in the Metod or in the Faktum range? Please see the drillings for the hinges. Metod (left) = 2 collumns and Faktum (right) = 1 collumn in the front of the cabinet.

Warranties: First and foremost, we guarantee a perfect fit. As our production is measured and pre drilled by IKEAs original drawings our fronts will always have a perfect fit to your IKEA cabinets and your IKEA hinges. If your cabinets are from IKEA and if you order fronts for Faktum or Metod respectively we guarantee they will fit. If there for some reason will be something wrong, just send us a couple of pictures showing what might be wrong and we will either advice or replace, no problem.

5 years against damages caused by moisture. As time goes by, our replacement fronts are made to withstand minor water splash and damp. They are moist proof an even good for bathrooms! Our fronts are thereby perfect for a kitchen with minor splash from the sink and will withstand moist from a dishwasher or steam above a kettle or coffee machine etc. We provide a 5 year guarantee against damages caused by moisture. As far as we know this is unique in the industry.