Important information on Brexit and Covid

Yes, all our prices are UK VAT inclusive and we are in business despite all the pandemic challenges

Regarding Brexit and Import VAT etc

Faktum Limited is a UK Ltd company. We pay all our taxes locally in the UK and all the prices listed at our site are UK VAT inclusive. What you pay upon checkout is final and there will be no Brexit related surcharges, import fees, duties or any extra charges. Doing business with us will be a local, domestic transaction just like if we were situated next door.

Yes, during the pandemic our London office is temporarily closed and Faktum Ltd is managed from our Stockholm office along with the other Customer Service Departments within our company group. Yes you may reach us by Email as usual.

At the moment we ship all goods from our Stockholm warehouse. Our Swedish organisation will do all the EXPORT paperwork and Faktum Ltd will do all the IMPORT paperwork.In fact all the needed export/ import paperwork will be made simultaneously and by the same people at our HQ which which turned out to be very efficient.

We will carry all the Brexit related costs and you will not be charged any extra. In that respect there is no difference compared to the pre-Brexit situation.

Regarding Covid and the Lockdowns etc

Yes, times are challenging to all of us but we have had just a few minor disruptions. During the pandemic our customers spend more time at their homes longing for a new kitchen. Or at least for a gentle facelift of it. We therefore see more orders than ever but we are able to keep up with all the extra demand. Please expect about six weeks for the making of any new order. Perhaps a bit sooner.

There are however some limitations to the EU/ UK transportation capacity. We rely on the major forwarding companies and most of them are very efficient. There are still some congestions at the Export points out of the EU and there are still congestions at the UK Customs for the Import. We are experienced on the export/ import paperwork and our consignments are almost never caught in the Brexit import net.

Over all and despite all the challenges, to us everything is business a s usual!

Please get in touch for any query on your IKEA kitchen upgrade project via our Contact page.