Premium Doors And Fronts For Your IKEA Faktum Kitchen Revamping Project: Price & Order

This is the Price & Ordering page for fronts for the IKEA Faktum kitchen range. We have some +350 different colours and models to choose from. Keep you cabinets, cupboards, hinges and drawers etc. Just re-dress them with our premium fronts. Please just make your choice below and populate a cart to get a quote. If you havn’t already we suggest you request a kit of our free colour samples first.

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Step #1

Start here: Please select your preferred Pattern + Colour Combination

We have 3 main types of fronts on offer for your IKEA Metod kitchen project. Flat fronts, fronts with a pattern and fronts with integrated grips. Please open up one of the configurators below to make your choice. All the new doors will thereafter be made in the selected color. Then please scroll further down this page to populate the same cart with some doors and drawer fronts etc.

Doors and fronts with a pattern
Handleless kitchen doors with integrated grips for IKEA kitchens PT5009
Doors and fronts with integrated grips

Step #2

Drawer fronts for IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell drawers

Sorted in tabs by the width in centimeters. All drawer fronts will be manufactured and delivered pre-drilled with a perfect fit for your IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell drawers. Add your preferred sizes and quantity into the cart.

Step #3

Faktum doors

Sorted in tabs by the width in centimeters. All our patterns are symmetrical which means we do not need to know whether they should be fitted right-hung or left-hung. All doors will be pre-drilled for the hinges on one side and they will fit beautifully either left-hung or right-hung onto your IKEA Faktum cabinets and your IKEA Faktum hinges regardless.

How about Left or Right?

All the patterns named with a “W” (W08, W09, W10 etc) are symmetrical. We will drill all the new doors for the hinges on one of the sides and the new doors will fit beautifully either right hung or left hung as there are no up or down on a symmetrical door.

You may keep your old IKEA Faktum hinges if they are good. The new door will fit guaranteed. Or why not upgrade to our brand new hinges with SoftClose and SelfClose technology built in? Now is a good time to do it as the old hinges must be removed from the cabinets anyway.

Will the new fronts be pre-drilled?

Yes, all the new doors are pre-drilled for the hinges and all new drawer fronts are pre drilled for the drawers. They will all fit perfectly onto your IKEA Faktum cabinets and onto your IKEA Faktum/ Rationell drawers.

We do however not drill for the knobs nor for the handles. We do however recommend the excellent “Fixa” Drill Template from IKEA. Just search for article number 903.233.93 at IKEAs web page.

IKEA Fixa drill template for the knobs and handle

Step #4

Panels & Plinths etc


A side panel covers the side of the plain white cabinets and makes your kitchen look more solid and “built in”.


A filler panel is used to cover some empty space, such as the area between a wall and a cabinet.


Fit a pelmet underneath the wall cabinets to hide the lighting gear. Will make your kitchen look more solid.


Fit a plinth underneath the base cabinets to hide the legs. Will make your kitchen look more solid.

Step #5

New Cabinets and Cupboards for Your IKEA Faktum Kitchen

Base Units, Wall cabinets, Larders, Pantries, Shelves, Drawers and Hinges etc.

Step #6

New Doors And Fronts For The IKEA Metod Range

Yes, we also offer our premium doors and fronts for the Metod kitchen system currently sold by IKEA. Perhaps you would like to mix some new Metod doors into your existing Faktum kitchen? Please just continue and add Metod sized doors and fronts into your cart. Will be made in the same pattern + colour combination as the Faktum doors in the same cart.