Handleless Kitchen Cabinet Doors for IKEA Faktum – The U12 design

Handleless Kitchen Cabinet Doors - The U12 design

Doors and fronts for Your IKEA Faktum kitchen cabinets without the traditional knobs or handles. Milled or recessed grips brings a clean and modern look to your existing kitchen.

Clean and modern handleless kitchen doors for IKEA Faktum. No knobs or handles
Handleless kitchen doors. Recessed grips for a clean and modern look.

We are experts in upgrades for IKEA kitchens. Since IKEA discontinued the Faktum range at their warehouses some years ago it is possible to order replacement doors and fronts from us. Besides the traditional doors with knobs and handles we also offer a range of handleless doors with milled handles – The U12 style

Our production is measured by IKEAs original drawings and will come in the correct size. All new doors will fit perfectly onto your existing Faktum hinges and all drawer fronts will fit perfectly onto your existing Faktum/ Rationell drawers. Keep your IKEA cabinets, hinges, worktops, tap, sink and plumbing etc. Just replace the fronts.

Further down this page you’ll find all the items and all the prices for the U12 style with recessed or milled handles. But first some tips on how to place an order:


First we will ask you about your preferred colour. All your new doors, drawer fronts, side panels and plinths etc will thereafter be made in that colour. Please note: There are some limitation on the colours on offer for the U12 design compared to the traditional doors in the “W” range. Please find all the available colours for the U12 style in the selector below.


For each door we need to know if it will be Left hung or Right hung.

When standing in front of the closed door: If the hinges are to the left (on the back side) that door is Left hung and vice versa.


For each door and for each drawer front we will ask about your preferred positioning for the handle. On top, at the bottom, left hand side or the right hand side.

Handleless doors in pale grey for IKEA Faktum kitchens
Handleless U12 doors in Easy Grey
Handleless U12 doors in California Oak
Handleless U12 doors in Alpine White for IKEA Faktum kitchens
Handleless U12 doors in Alpine White


Please scroll further down this page just to see all the items and the pricing. To place an order, please add your preferred colour from the list above into a cart. All doors, drawer fronts, panels and plinths added to the same cart will then be made in that specific colour. For a 2 colour layout please get in touch with our Customer Service and we will be happy to assist with an order.

Request a kit of free colour samples for the U12 range

In total we have some +40 colours and finishes on offer. There are however some limitations on which colours are possible for the U12 pattern. Please request a kit of free samples that are possible for the U12 design here:

2. Drawer fronts for IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell draws:

Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters. Add your needed draw fronts into a cart.

3. Doors for IKEA Faktum:

Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters. Add your needed doors into a cart.

4. Panels and Plinths etc:


A side panel covers the side of the plain white cabinets and makes your kitchen look more solid and “built in”.


A filler panel is used to cover some empty space, such as the area between a wall and a cabinet.


Fit a pelmet underneath the wall cabinets to hide the lighting gear.


Plinths, or Kickboards are used for hiding the legs of the base cabinets.


Base Units, Wall cabinets, Larders, Pantries, Shelves, Drawers and Hinges etc.