Kitchen doors with integrated grips for IKEA Faktum kitchens - The U12 design

These premium doors and fronts are the perfect solution for a clean and modern look for your IKEA Faktum kitchen revamping project. The integrated grips are recessed into the proper fronts and there are no need to retrofit knobs nor handles as there are for the ordinary fronts.

The U12 design is similar to the IKEA Metod Voxtorp who shares the same basic design philosophy.

U12 + Easy Grey
U12 + Caffe Latte

Step #1

Please select your preferred colour

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Handleless kitchen doors with integrated grips for IKEA kitchens PT5009

Step #2

Drawer fronts for IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell draws

Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters. Add your needed draw fronts into a cart.

Step #3

Doors for IKEA Faktum

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Step #4

Panels and Plinths etc:

Step #5

New cabinets and cupboards for IKEA Faktum kitchens

Base Units, Wall cabinets, Larders, Pantries, Shelves, Drawers and Hinges etc.

Step #6

New Doors And Fronts For The IKEA Metod Range

Yes, we also offer our premium doors and fronts for the Metod kitchen system currently sold by IKEA. Perhaps you would like to mix some new Metod doors into your existing Faktum kitchen? Please just continue and add Metod sized doors and fronts into your cart. Will be made in the same pattern + colour combination as the Faktum doors in the same cart.

Handleless doors for IKEA Faktum kitchens.
U12 + Sand of Sahara
U12 + California Oak
Handleless U12 doors in Alpine White for IKEA Faktum kitchens
U12 + Alpine White