Base cabinets for IKEA Faktum kitchens

Base cabinets, or base units are regular floor standing cabinets according to the IKEA Faktum measurements. They are all 70 cm high (+ the legs) and 58 cm deep (+ the front) and the legs are adjustable approx 14,5 – 17 cm.

If needed you may add some hinges, mounting plates for the hinges + doors. We also do the shelves if needed. You may keep your old hinges if they are good or you can upgrade to our modern and luxurious hinges for Faktum with the SelfClosing + SoftClosing Technology built in.

You may also add a set of drawers + drawer fronts. Our modern drawers are with the luxurious SoftClose Technology built in.

All our carcasses are made “plain white” regardless of the chosen colour for the fronts and they will fit in both an IKEA Faktum as well as in an IKEA Rationell kitchen.