Design: Factum W19

Another beautiful design for our IKEA Faktum kitchen replacement fronts.

Design Faktum W19 in Easy Grey
Design Faktum W19 in Arctic Grey
Design Faktum W19 in Steel Grey

Please note: The W19 design will have different number of ribs depending on the width of the front. An 80 cm wide drawer front will of course have more ribs than a 60 or a 40 cm wide front.

The frame will always be 66 mm wide and the ribs in the middle will always be 52 mm wide. However, some fronts might have two ribs smaller than the 52 mm to even out the difference between the front size and the fixed frame and bar sizes, market X at the pictogram.

Drawers lower than 20 cm will be produced without the W19 structure as the frame is 66 + 66 mm and there will be no space left for the bars. This will effect the 9, 13 and 18 cm fronts (E.g. 60×13 drawer front).