Real Samples in MDF

Seeing is believing. Before you decide to put a potential order in of our premium doors and fronts, perhaps you would like to examine our high quality first hand? We offer all our patterns and all our colours as real samples in MDF at a reduced cost + a reduced fare. Moreover, we will also be happy to send you a £50 discount code along with your samples to be used for an order of real doors and fronts.

Prefere a free option? Please see our Colour Swatches tab from the top menu instead.

How it works

There are 2 different types of samples. The patterns (profiles/ models) and the colour samples. The patterns are milled out of a single slab of premium MDF and covered with one of the colours from our standard offer whereas the plain colour samples are a flat surface of MDF covered by your chosen colour. Most people order a few of each.

These samples we keep in stock and we ship with UPS courier about twice a week. There is a low and fixed £35 fare and you will not be charged any Brexit related surcharges or import VAT etc. Please expect about 4-6 business days in transit. We dispatch from Stockholm.


Each pattern are £10. Please press the blue buttons for inspirational images and to order.

Colour Samples

The samples below are plain colour samples intended to demonstrate the touch, sheen and hue of each colour. The chosen colour will be applied to a slab of premium MDF. You may filter the table via the search boxes below making it more easy to find a favorite according to your preferences.

Each colour sample are £5. Please press the blue buttons below for inspirational images and to order.

Generic imageColour SamplePriceView more imageshf:att:pa_colour-samplehf:att:pa_finishhf:att:pa_glazing
Retro Blue Colour Sample
Retro Blue Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbluematte
Fjord Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsblue|greenmatte
Parisian Blue
Parisian Blue Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbluematte
Alpine White Colour Sample
Alpine White Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitematte
American Walnut
American Walnut Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsblack|browntextured|wood-decor
Anthracite Grey Colour Sample
Anthracite Grey Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreymatte
Arctic Grey Colour Sample
Arctic Grey Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreymatte
Basaltic Colour Sample
Basaltic Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrown|greymatte
Beech Wood
Beech Wood Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrowntextured|wood-decor
Black High Gloss Colour Sample
Black High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsblackgloss
Black Ink Colour Sample
Black Ink Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsblackgloss
Caffe Latte
Caffe Latte Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrownmatte
California Oak
California Oak Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrowntextured|wood-decor
Cashmere High Gloss Colour Sample
Cashmere High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrown|whitegloss
Cognac Walnut
Cognac Walnut Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrowntextured|wood-decor
Cosmic Grey Colour Sample
Cosmic Grey Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsblack|greymatte
Cream High Gloss Colour Sample
Cream High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrown|whitegloss
Dark Concrete Colour Sample
Dark Concrete Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreystone-decor|textured
Easy Grey Colour Sample
Easy Grey Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreymatte
Frozen White Colour Sample
Frozen White Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitematte
Graphite Metallic High Gloss Colour Sample
Graphite Metallic High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreygloss
Green Antique Colour Sample
Green Antique Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreentextured
Grey Antique Colour Sample
Grey Antique Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreytextured
Grey High Gloss Colour Sample
Grey High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreygloss
Grey Marble Colour Sample
Grey Marble Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreystone-decor
Indigo Colour Sample
Indigo Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbluematte
Light Brown High Gloss Colour Sample
Light Brown High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrowngloss
Light Concrete Colour Sample
Light Concrete Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreystone-decor|textured
Limestone Colour Sample
Limestone Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgrey|whitestone-decor|textured
Magnolia White
Magnolia White Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitematte
Off White
Off White Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitematte
Oyster High Gloss Colour Sample
Oyster High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrown|whitegloss
Red High Gloss Colour Sample
Red High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsredgloss
Rose Antique Colour Sample
Rose Antique Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsredtextured
Sand of Sahara Colour Sample
Sand of Sahara Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrownmatte
Santana Oak Colour Sample
Santana Oak Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrowntextured|wood-decor
Smooth White
Smooth White Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitematte
Steel Grey Colour Sample
Steel Grey Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgreymatte
Truffle Oak
Truffle Oak Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsbrown|greytextured|wood-decor
Umbra Forest Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsblack|greytextured|wood-decor
Vanilla Colour Sample
Vanilla Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitetextured
White High Gloss Colour Sample
White High Gloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitegloss
White Marble Colour Sample
White Marble Colour Sample£5.00View Optionsgrey|whitestone-decor
White Oak Colour Sample
White Oak Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitetextured|wood-decor
White Semigloss Colour Sample
White Semigloss Colour Sample£5.00View Optionswhitegloss
Anthracite Grey (back), Indigo and Cosmic Grey. All in W30
Samples in MDF