New doors and fronts for the IKEA METOD kitchen system

All our doors and fronts are possible for the new IKEA Metod system as well!

Yes, we are experts in upgrades for IKEA kitchens and all our lovely patterns of doors and fronts as well as all our colours and finishes are possible for the current IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets and hinges as well. Brilliant if you are after the reasonable priced IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets and cupboards but would like to dress it in another style. With us it is possible to get the best from two worlds. Purchase all the cabinets, hinges, drawers, worktops, and sink etc from IKEA and the fronts from us. We do all the sizes of doors and fronts that IKEA does and we ALSO do some of the sizes that are “missing” in IKEAs range. Perfect if you are not able to find that special size of drawer front for the recycling bin or if you need a microwave oven to be tucked in among the other doors etc. All our fronts for the IKEA Metod system comes pre-drilled for the IKEA original hinges and will fit perfectly with the IKEA Metod cabinets.

Hint: It’s also possible to have a mixed kitchen. Keep your IKEA Faktum cabinets and add some new IKEA Metod cabinets for a kitchen island. We are able to do both the new fronts for the IKEA Faktum cabinets as well as for the new IKEA Metod cabinets. We will do all the new fronts in the same beautiful colour + pattern combination. They will all fit respectively. Please see our European site for all the listings, pricing and specifications etc. At checkout just choose United Kingdom as you country of destination for the delivery.


We also have some +40 colours and finishes to choose from!