Wall Corner Cab 60×60 H=92


This is a carcass, a wall corner cabinet for IKEA Faktum kitchens. 60×60 cm. 70 cm tall. Meant to carry a 32×92 door in a 45° angle. You may configure your carcass below:

Set of 2 hinges for a 45° door + a corner cabinet..

Set of 2 mounting plates for the hinges. This is the part that connects the hinge to the cabinet. If you have the old IKEA Faktum plates already, you may re-use them. They will fit the new cabinet as well as the new hinges shown above.

Will be produced in the same colour and pattern as the other doors in this order.

A set of shelves. 2 pcs for the 70 cm tall and 3 pcs for the 92 cm tall cabinet.